Door Kanteen25 op 25 februari 2023 in Past events

A new initiative by Kanteen25 and Bureau Marineterrein: Community DRINKS – K25 Take-over.

Dear neighbours from the Marineterrein neighbourhood, we work in an inspiring place, let’s meet each other more often, share experiences and ideas and get to know each other! We are starting regular community borrels where all community members are welcome.

Here’s the idea: every first Thursday of the month, Kanteen25 is ready to be run by you organise drinks. Each organisation takes care of its own programme invitation with its own team. You will receive a free welcome drink and some snacks from Kanteen25. Nothing is set in stone, everything is allowed, the whole community is welcome.

Community DRINKS will be held every first Thursday of the month, from 17:00 – 18:30. The first community drink will take place on 2 March, you are all invited!

See you there!

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