Hosting an Open Kitchen with OpenEmbassy

Door admin op 2 augustus 2022 in Past events

Food is one of life’s greatest comforts and forms of expression. By preparing and sharing food, we are sharing our culture and telling a story that spans generations and travels across borders. 
Last Tuesday, we had the pleasure of welcoming OpenEmbassy and a group of refugees staying on the Marineterrein Amsterdam into the Kanteen25 kitchen. They spent the afternoon buying ingredients at the local market, and prepared an incredible dinner featuring a special dish from each of their home countries. 

Who is OpenEmbassy?

OpenEmbassy is an organization that strives to support a swift, seamless and dignified process of integration.

They build communities of newcomers and Dutch residents based on inclusivity and equality, offering individualised support rooted in experience and evidence-based action. Behind it all they constantly advocate for positive change in the civic integration system.

All in all, they are doing one of the hardest jobs with the smallest thanks, which is why Kanteen25 wanted to help wherever we could.

The Night of the Open Kitchen

The whole Kanteen25 team was blown away by the experience. From arriving with the ingredients, to preparing each meal, to serving the finished dishes to the Marineterrein community, there was a special feeling among everyone involved. There was a feeling of joy and excitement throughout the restaurant. This was the first opportunity they had to cook a homemade meal since arriving in the Netherlands, and they put in an incredible effort. 
It showed how important these “small” comforts are. Through food they were able to have a sense of familiarity and home even in the most difficult of circumstances. What’s more, as a guest, we were able to experience a slice of their culture in one of its purest forms – Food. 
🙌 Special thanks to Ruben de Vries and Hany Sedik on the Kanteen25 side for coordinating the cooperation in the lead up and within the kitchen on the evening.
👏 A massive hand to OpenEmbassy and all the incredible people within the organization who made the initiative possible. Without them this wouldn’t have been possible.
🙏 And most of all, congratulations to the chefs that blew everyone away with their incredible skills in the kitchen and delicious food. Their smiles and positivity are always welcome in the Kanteen25 kitchen.