Everyone deserves an Equal Opportunity

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Cooks25 is an in-house hospitality program turning refugees into talents in the commercial kitchen

We believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity for a better future. In collaboration with City of Amsterdam, we developed Cooks25: an in-house hospitality program turning refugees into talents in the commercial kitchen. After trainees complete the program, we place them in a company within the field of hospitality.

Toni and Hani preparing food

The history of Cooks25

In the beginning we were inspired by our big kitchen and the possibilities it gave us to train people. We knew immediately that we wanted to give people opportunities to learn how to cook.

Additionally, in Autumn of 2019, we didn’t know exactly who these people were or should be. Whether it was people who wanted to learn how to cook as a hobby, or people with aspirations to become a cook and make a profession out of it?

And most of all, where were all these people?

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Cooks25 chef

Cooks25 Organization

Within the Kanteen25 BV community, we have established a training school Stichting Cooks25, to offer free skills training in cooking, kitchen preparation, and general catering opportunities to unemployed status holders to help them progress into employment.

From beginning to end, our participants are supported throughout the learning process. We guarantee a placement in our kitchen, or a kitchen within Amsterdam, upon the completion of the Cooks25 program. Learn more about how we fund the Cooks25 program.

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