An ode to the boozy blowout brunch: 5 reasons why we love it

By Casper Boon on July 13 2020 in Brunch

I love brunch, you love brunch, your mom loves brunch. In short: everyone loves brunch. Here are a few of the reasons why.

1. Brunch doesn’t make you choose one mealtime 

Breakfast? Lunch? Brunch understands. It’s both; it’s a portmanteau in more than one sense of the word. It doesn’t just linguistically blend the words, it culinarily blends the mealtimes.  

2. Brunch was created to cure hangovers

Yes, really. An English writer named Guy Beringer invented brunch as the perfect remedy for his own Sunday morning hangover. He proposed the concept of this combination meal in his essay ‘Brunch: A Plea’ which he jotted down in 1895. However, we’ve been enjoying our toast topped with smoked salmon, poached eggs, and beetroot hollandaise with mid-morning cocktails ever since. Oh, the contemporary paradox. Let’s raise a glass to the hard-drinking sleepy heads. 

3. A blowout brunch cannot be rushed 

That’s the principle. Collin’s dictionary defines a blowout meal as “a large meal, often a celebration with family and friends, at which people may eat too much.” This means that by definition you cannot rush a blowout brunch. You cannot eat too much, slowly sip on a Dutch & Stormy cocktail, and enjoy the mini-work vacay while in a rush. It’s physically impossible. Unless you’re like Takeru Kobayashi. In that case, have at it.

Smoked salmon on toast with poached eggs, and beetroot hollandaise.

4. Brunch says mixing sweet and savory is OK

Lunch and dinner are usually savory. Satisfying your sweet tooth comes first thing in the morning. Brunch says mixing the two is OK. Brunch understands. At Kanteen25, you don’t have to choose. You can satisfy your sweet tooth and your savory tooth. That’s a lot of teeth. 

5. Brunch is an opportunity to treat yourself

Breakfast? Lunch? Mid-morning cocktails? Hanging with your besties? Impressing your family while enjoying some quality time? Yep, brunch is all of the things, aka the perfect excuse to treat yourself. 

So roll out of bed, gather your loved ones, and head down to Kanteen25. We’re a hidden gem on the Marineterrein; a historical place surrounded by water in the middle of Amsterdam. We have a big terrace and a beautiful indoor space. Our hero chefs are from all over the world and bring their cultural traditions into one open kitchen. 

Need we say more? Come have a boozy blowout brunch with us. It’s time to rise n’ dine!

Brunch: available every Sunday from 11.30 until 16.00.