Inaugural Cooks25 Graduation

By Kanteen25 on July 18 2022 in Past events

Celebrating the 1st graduating class of Cooks25

After over three years of hard work and cooperation from key participants and organizers such as Kanteen25, Hanos, Van Moof, the City of Amsterdam and the Jamming Agency, we are happy to announce the first in-person graduation took place on the 6th of July!

Kanteen25 is incredibly proud of each and every student that participated in the program. The commitment cannot be understated. Whether the students were placed in the programs ran by Hanos, Van Moof, or our very own Cooks25 initiative, an immense amount of time and energy was required. From diving head first into a brand new profession, to working throughout the weekend and holy days, the students were well out of their comfort zones.

Diploma uitreiking derde leerweg learn for life
One of our graduates receiving his diploma and flowers
Diploma uitreiking derde leerweg learn for life
City of Amsterdam program coordinator, Amor Strauss, speaking at the graduation
Diploma uitreiking derde leerweg learn for life
Our Head Chef, Hany Sedik, congratulating one of the Cooks25 graduates

What is Cooks25?

Cooks25 is an in-house hospitality program turning refugees into talents in the commercial kitchen.

Kanteen25 believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity for a better future. In collaboration with City of Amsterdam, we developed Cooks25: an in-house hospitality program turning refugees into talents in the commercial kitchen. After trainees complete the program, we place them in a company within the field of hospitality.

Since its inception, Cooks25 has assisted many students in establishing a new, independent life through the highly transferable skills they’ve gained throughout the program.

Let’s talk about Social Impact

Although the program has started small, it is impossible to overstate how crucial programs like Cooks25 are to the long-term health of Amsterdam, its workforce and the general population. These initiatives impact several system-level issues that require immediate and long term solutions, such as – Depletion of the work-force post Covid-19, a general discontent and transition away from traditional service roles, and the growing number of refugees and economic migrants seeking a better life – To name a few.

This is one of the many reasons why we are immensely proud to be at the forefront of such positive change. With enough support, we see the potential to make waves throughout Amsterdam, and to send a message that we all have the responsibility to do more to tackle these complex issues.

For now, let’s celebrate how far we’ve come and the hard work of the organizers, and most importantly, our incredible students!