Kanteen25 Welcomes Techleap.NL to the Marineterrien

By Kanteen25 on July 14 2022 in Past events

On June 21st, Kanteen25 had a lot to celebrate! The beginning of Summer with the Summer Solstice, a celebration of our wonderful terrace, and giving a warm welcome to our exciting new neighbour, Techleap.NL

Who is Techleap.NL?

They are on a mission to connect the Dutch tech and tech start-up scene by helping entrepreneurs connect, learn & grow through a range of programs, start-up resources, networking opportunities and much more.

We’re a team dedicated to connecting and empowering tech founders and CxOs in the Netherlands!

We run programmes, host events, create and share resources, work with VCs and LPs, lobby the government, and make meaningful connections to help startups grow.


Headed by an incredible team of Dutch-based entrepreneurs, business leaders and uniquely talented individuals, Techleap.NL is on course to make a long-lasting, positive impact in the Dutch tech scene. We’re delighted to have them as neighbours on the Marineterrien.

A Celebration to Remember

The evening itself was put together with one purpose in mind – Celebrating! From the beginning of Summer to the arrival of Techleap, there were many reasons to let our hair down and have a good time… Even if it was a Tuesday!

Enjoy some beautiful photos captured on the evening by Milan Goldbach, and incredible Amsterdam-based photographer.