Our sunny terrace by the water: an oasis in the middle of Amsterdam

By Casper Boon on June 18 2020 in Terrace

New summer, new terrace

Since the marineterrein on the Kattenburgerstraat opened in 2015, it has become Amsterdam’s backyard where locals come to stroll, swim, have lunch, and wine and dine. Now that we’re allowed to go on the terrace again, we can finally flaunt our legs at a sunny table. To make sure that enough legs can be flaunted in these corona times, we joined our efforts these past few months at Kanteen25 and expanded our terrace.

Chef grilling a burger on the barbecue

What’s in our expansion package?

Our brand-new terrace now includes a ramp for added accessibility. In addition, we’ve put brand new tables and benches on our decking. There are tables on the stairs as well, so you can watch the world go by while enjoying a drink. We’ve also added tables with benches and oversized beanbags near the waterfront, so you can lounge comfortably while enjoying the view overlooking water.

What about the culinary delights?

In addition to the vegetarian and vegan pizzas you’ve come to expect from us, we now also serve barbecue burgers and homemade scoop ice cream this summer. You can also enjoy appetizers and different kinds of sweet delicacies from Parisian baker Guillaume—a real treat for the summer sweet tooth. 

Guillaume's delicacies

What about the new terrace rules?

Before you can flop into a beanbag with a cold glass of wine, we’ll list the new rules for your comfort: 

  • You don’t have to book a table for the terrace, only for inside, so you can walk up the terrace anytime;
  • The maximum number of people on the terrace is determined by the surface area and the one-and-a-half-meter distance rule between the tables. Indoors, however, the maximum number of guests is 30 until July 1; 
  • The maximum number of people at a table is also determined by the one-and-a-half-meter distance rule between the tables. Enforcement only applies for 3 people or more, unless you can prove you are from one household.

Where can the Amsterdam terrace connoisseur find us?

The marineterrein is large, the buildings mighty, so you might need to know where we are. Our sunspot is hidden behind the Growth Tribe building right across lunchroom Clubhouse, and directly opposite the NEMO Science Museum overlooking the water. Fortunately, the signage on the terrain makes it less of a scavenger hunt to find our hidden gem (unless you’re a real Sherlock ;). For more information, take a look at our location page.

Schepen bekijken met uitzicht op het water tegenover Nemo.