By Kanteen25 on March 12 2023 in Past events

Another evening of pizza and talks among like-minded people who care about a sustainable future and the environment. And, of course, who love food!

What are we going to talk about this time?

What a sustainable future for food production in the heart of the city could look like.

Population is growing, fields are exhausted, farmers are striking, and climate is crising. There is a lot of rumour around the system of food production these days. Topics like farming for the future, regenerative farming, farming in the city: what do they mean – how does it work? Is there even a sustainable way of farming? What would that taste like? Would you like to learn more about sustainable agriculuture and food production in the city – hear from an enthusiastic, inspiring but realistic young farmer – meet Isabella!

Isabella uses theoretical knowledge and practical experience to think about the future of sustainable food production. Isabella has a bsc in Philosophy, but changed her career path in the direction of Environment and resource Management, with an eye for biodiversity and ecosystem governance and food system governance. Realizing theoretical knowledge may in this case not be suffient to understand and solve current problems – she started working at an biodynamic vinyard, follows an intern ship at the CSA garden and went back to school: the organic farmer education program at Aeres Warmeonderhof.

The event is free, combined with Pizza Night.

Come and share a conversation and a delicious pizza together!