Kanteen25 Restaurant

We celebrate the good things in life

Kanteen25 is the Marineterrein’s culinary playground where we celebrate good food, connection, young talent, and quality. We see good food as the carrier of true connection: we cook, we eat, we share, we make memories.

Our story
Dessert at Kanteen25

Good food, good story

We embrace all cultures in our kitchen and use it as inspiration to fuel our menu choices. Our international chefs each tell their unique story through the food they make. With a no-waste mindset, we maximize the value of our ingredients and use everything we can to create beautiful dishes. That’s how each ingredient in our seasonal menu also has its own story to tell.

People at bar

Opening times

Wednesday – Saturday        8:00 – 22:00
Lunch & Dinner
Sunday                                   9:00 – 17:00
Brunch Menu

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Rooms25 hotel

Your new Short-Stay Residence

Welcome to Rooms25: our recently refurbished short-stay hotel upstairs to our restaurant. Guests can stay with us for a minimum of 3 nights and a maximum of 180 days. Let’s enjoy good food, good sleep, good company, a good view, and make good memories together.

More about Rooms25

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