Our story


A Culinary Playground

Kanteen25 was created as a classic French cafeteria to host, feed and connect with students at the neighbouring coding school, Codam. The space was created with a specific vision in mind –  To be a culinary playground where we celebrate good food, connection, young talent, and quality. We see food as the carrier of true connection: we cook, we eat, we share, we make memories. The local community quickly fell in love and Kanteen25 flourished into an incredible meeting space, playground and place of comfort for the Marineterrein community and public of Amsterdam. 

The journey from 5€ cafeteria styled lunches to refined and sophisticated menus has been a process of soul-searching, inspired by the aim to make the vision of Kanteen25 accessible to all. Today, our values are well defined among our regular customers and new visitors alike – Going the extra mile to source our ingredients locally, going above and beyond to ensure our food waste is kept to a minimum, and being unapologetic about our quality from top to bottom. 

Chefs working in kitchen

Our Mission

Kanteen25 is a culinary playground where we celebrate good food, connection, young talent, and quality. We see food as the carrier of true connection: we cook, we eat, we share, we make memories. 

Furthermore, we strive to make good, local food accessible to all. Whatever your purpose, Kanteen25 has something for you. From kids to working professionals, we love having a diverse public that makes the most of our truly unique restaurant space, all the while enjoying fresh and exciting culinary experiences.

Our Recipe for Success

This is what makes us tick – Finding that perfect combination of food, company & environment that create memorable moments for everyone that walks through our doors. 

Our recipe for this mission:
100 grams of locally sourced ingredients
a big pinch of creativity
12 chefs from all over the world
100% quality

We are...

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We pride ourselves on our use of local ingredients and suppliers, while still delivering the unique taste of Paris in Amsterdam. To foster a local community, we believe you must practice what you preach. For this reason, you won’t find international brands like Coca Cola or Heineken at Kanteen25, unless specifically requested.

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We practice sustainability primarily through limiting food waste. We’re proud of the fact that less than 10% of our total ingredients end up as food waste. Our aim is to reach 0%. For all events we hold, leftover food is repurposed into staff meals or packaged for food banks.

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Kanteen25 is made up of a close-knit international group. With over 16 nationalities speaking 14 different languages, each person brings their own unique experience and value to the team. We’re constantly training and expanding the team through our in-house Cooks25 program.

Cooks25 participant


We believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity for a better future. In collaboration with City of Amsterdam, we developed Cooks25: an in-house hospitality program turning refugees into talents in the commercial kitchen. After trainees complete the program, we place them in a company within the field of hospitality.

Learn More about Cooks25

Kanteen25 Partners

We always have the drive to work with inspiring partners that share our vision. We learn and grow with every step we take, and we want to be transparent about your food. That’s why we proudly tell you the story of our suppliers.

Jan van as

Jan Van As

Since 1949, Jan Van As have been supplying an extensive and high-quality range of fish, crustaceans and shellfish. Fresh fish trader Jan van As, located at the Food Center in Amsterdam, is one of the largest suppliers of fresh fish in the Netherlands. With the Fish&Season sustainability program, Jan van As is committed to preserving fish in our sea.

MOMA milk


MOMA is passionate about putting sustainability into practice and making sure Amsterdam-made milk is consumed in Amsterdam too. Now also available at Kanteen25.

erfgoed bossem meat

Erfgoed Bossem

Erfgoed Bossem is a true “farm to table” producer of excellent quality meat. The farm has been inhabited since 1272 and the Rerink family has lived and managed the farm since 1874. Their core philosophy is to maintain the natural cycle as much as possible, so the farm can continue to be passed down through the generations. This shows in the quality of their products and with their organic farm receiving SKAL certification.


Saru Soda

At Saru Soda, they take enjoyment seriously. Fair ingredients, a beautiful brew, and exciting flavors. That’s why they work with organic cane sugar, get the best quinces in the Amsterdam area, and personally stand in front of the boiler to make sure their syrups are seriously delicious.

Caucasian farmer picking fresh tomatoes from his hothouse

Green fresh food

Green Fresh Food started a few years ago as a greengrocery in Amsterdam-west. Since the beginning, they have attached great importance to the quality of their products. The extensive range of fruit and vegetables is critically selected to guarantee the highest levels of quality and freshness. Green Fresh Food consciously choose to purchase fresh regional, products from local farmers to guarantee the quality of all fruit and vegetables.

Lindenhoff farmers


In September 1989 Ben te Voortwis decided to exchange his career as a car parts dealer for a life as a farmer: Lindenhoff was born. Over the last 30 years, Lindenhoff has grown into an ambassador of authentic taste, with a team of more than 130 farmers, butchers, cheese masters, drivers and employees. In this pursuit, they’ve developed their own style of organic farming, responsible sourcing and telling the story of their goods.

Buffalo mozzarella

Buffalo Farm Twente

At Buffalo Farm Twente, buffalos and single cows are raised and milked. They started in 2009 with 38 pregnant buffalos and now have a herd of buffalos, from calves of a few weeks of age to 15-year-old buffalos. In 2011 they started processing their first buffalo milk, and they decided to start making fresh organic buffalo mozzarella in 2012.

Instock market

Instock Market

Instock Market was founded in 2014 by Selma, Bart, and Freke, and they have been putting food waste on the menu in various ways ever since—with their restaurants, catering, product range, and cookbooks. Instock now consists of a large, enthusiastic team that shares a love of food and a dislike of waste.

Wynard liquor

Wynand Fockink

Wynand Fockink boasts the title of ‘oldest distillery’ in Amsterdam and has been running concurrently since 1724. They offer a wide range of unique and delicious liquors that we use to create some of our fantastic cocktails. Their production continues the tradition of using large copper distilleries that can be found within a quaint alley on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal.

Moyee Coffee

Moyee Coffee

Moyee Coffee is the #1 choice for sustainable coffee distributors in Amsterdam. Moyee has been reimagining the coffee industry by roasting and packaging in country of origin. Farmers and roasters now reclaim their rightful position as equal partners in the global coffee chain. Plus, its absolutely delicious!

brouwerij homeland

Brouwerij Homeland

An award winning brewery who also happens to be our Marineterrein neighbour! They brew traditional classics and innovative craft beers in their independent brewery at the old naval wharf in the heart of Amsterdam. Brewed with love and bottled in cans and stainless steel kegs to experience aroma and taste as our brewers taste it directly from the tank.

The Stillery cocktail stand

The Stillery

The Stillery founder, Pascal, was fascinated by the biochemistry of liquor after experiencing a harder hangover than usual. He learnt that purer and higher quality liquor leaves fewer ill affects the next day. Next thing he knew he was secretly distilling his first spirit in the bathtub of his student home. This is how The Stillery was conceived, in mischievous silence. Eventually, The Stiller established their very own distillery and soon after won several awards for his floral gins, vodka and other distilled products.

Dik & Schil orangecello

Dik & Schil

Dik&Schil makes spirits from coffee grounds and orange peels that are left over from catering establishments. These resources get the second life they deserve. This way you can enjoy the most delicious drinks with peace of mind. We wholeheartedly support their message that “sustainability is possible at any time of the day, without having to compromise on quality and taste.”

Fritz kola

Fritz Kola

Fritz Kola started off in a grassroots style with an old vw van, a desire for independence and a simple idea – it can be done better. that’s all it took to get started. The founders combined their passion for music and night-life into not just another mass-produced cola, but one that stands for something. Not too sweet, with lots and lots of caffeine to add fuel to those long nights. From their humble beginnings, they’ve managed to scale up throughout Europe while remaining true to their simple beginnings.

Bob logo def rgb in wine ebony

Bob Nederlands wijn

Three entrepreneurs with a passion for wine have joined forces to make Dutch wine more widely accessible to the public: through the hospitality industry, businesses and individuals, both online and through a store.

Bob is the Dutch name for homegrown wine from certain regions. For example, French wines are characterized by terms such as AOP, Italian as DOC(G) and for Spain is DO(Ca).

The Dutch term for this includes Protected Designation of Origin, bob. To get a bob designation, the wine comes from a certain area classified for viticulture and all the grapes (100%) from which the wine is made come from that geographical area.

Vindict stack logo with addicts au vin tagline vindict purple rgb 1531px@72ppi


Vindict was founded in 2007. They started out as a wine-webshop, but expanded over the years. At this moment they own a winebar and two winestores in Amsterdam. They love no nonsense, and to speak about wines in a normal way: to keep it fun for all of (levels of) wine drinkers.