Policy Plan

Registered name
Kanteen25 BV

Fiscal number

Kattenburgerstraat 5
Building 025
1018 JA Amsterdam

Purpose of Activities

This is a for-profit venture that will offer the local community a space for co-working, socializing and eating, healthy meals with discounted prices for students and pensioners.

Within the Kanteen community, we will establish a training school Cooks25, to offer free skills training opportunities to the unemployed to help them progress into meaningful work in collaboration with the local municipality.

The Kanteen’s objectives are to foster a friendly, learning, and work environment to grow ideas and networks for the common good.

Costs anticipated will cover, refurbishment, produce, beverages, facility services, salaries of employees, and contracted services.

Kanteen Board

Corinne Vigreux

Jacqueline Higgin

Ajay Soni

The authority to represent Kanteen25 is vested in two directors acting jointly.

Remuneration Policy

All Board members volunteer their time and do not receive any remuneration.  All Board members are entitled to reimbursement of reasonable expenses in line with their attendance at meetings.

Staff employed to manage and work for Kanteen will be paid according to local market rates and in accordance with statutory requirements.  Salaries will be reviewed annually.