Rooms25 Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions are between you and Rooms25 and apply to all bookings of hotel rooms and apartments in our property, to the exclusion of all other general terms and conditions. You agree that you will make reservations in good faith for legitimate use by you and your invited guests only and not for any other purpose, including but not limited to reselling, impermissibly assigning or posting on third party websites, or making speculative, false or fraudulent reservations or any reservations in anticipation of demand. These terms and conditions and any bookings made under them shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Dutch law. This choice of law is without prejudice to consumer protection afforded by provisions that cannot be derogated from by agreement by virtue of the law which, in the absence of any choice, would have been applicable in the country where you reside. Disputes shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Rates & City Tax

The room rate charges agreed when you made your reservation will apply to your booking. Meals, drinks and other extras are not included in room rate charges, unless otherwise agreed on (if booked breakfast included). Room rates are not including service and VAT and they must be paid in local currency. Prices are subject to change without further notice. Room rate, breakfast and city tax charges must be paid upon arrival. All other charges must be paid upon check-out. City tax will apply. The city tax may change between the time of booking and the time of your stay in our hotel. The city tax in Amsterdam for apartments like ours is 10% per room per night.Please note that our hotel is cashless. We do not accept cash. Always record your credit card details just to guarantee the payment. Please note that we are obligated to cancel your reservation if we do not receive a credit card as a guarantee.

Cancellation, No Show & Changes

Individual reservations up to 7 rooms.

Non-refundable reservations:
This rate offer is the lowest price available. There is a discounted by 10 euro off our Fully Flexible Rate. Full payment is required at the time of booking and is non-refundable

Fully flexible reservations:
This rate is the most flexible rate we offer.

Up to 2 nights:
The booking can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance before the guaranteed check-in time (14:00). Cancellations after this time will be fully charged for the first night.

3 till 4 nights:
The booking can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours in advance before the guaranteed check-in time (14:00). Cancellations after this time will be fully charged for the first night.

5 till 6 nights:
The booking can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours in advance before the guaranteed check-in time (14:00). Cancellations after this time will be fully charged for the first 2 nights.

7 till 12 nights:
The booking can be cancelled free of charge up to 72 hours in advance before the guaranteed check-in time (14:00). Cancellations after this time will be fully charged for the first 2 nights.

13 nights or longer
The booking can be cancelled free of charge up to 7 days in advance before the guaranteed check-in time (14:00). Cancellations after this time will be fully charged for the first 3 nights.

Group reservations from 8 rooms:

Cancelation policy: 

Up to 3 months before arrival: Cancellations are free of charge.

Up to 2 months before arrival: Cancellations are possible with a fee of 50%.

Up to 1 month before arrival: Cancellations are possible with a fee of 100%.

All cancellations and changes must be confirmed in writing by email.


In case of no-show, we will charge the first night of your reservation when you have made a booking for less than 29 nights. If you have made a booking for more than 29 nights, the amount of the first two nights will remain charged. The room will be released at 12 p.m. (noon) the following day.


Should you wish to amend your reservation, neither the availability nor the rate upon your booking can be guaranteed. To avoid late cancellation costs, we advise you to amend your reservation at least 72 hours prior to the arrival date.

Check-in Time

Our check-in time is from 2 p.m. on. Should you wish to guarantee an early arrival, we advise you to reserve the night prior to your arrival. Please note that this is subject to availability.

Check-out time

Our check-out time is until 12 p.m. (noon). Should you wish to extend your check-out time, please check with us one day prior to your departure, late check outs are subject to a supplement. Should you wish to check-out after 6 p.m, we will charge an extra night. All extensions of your check-out time are subject to availability.

Early Check-out

Should you wish to depart earlier than the above-mentioned departure date, we kindly ask you to inform us 3 days prior to your departure. This will also be to prevent any late cancellation costs.


If you are underaged and you are not accompanied by someone of age 18 or older, Rooms25 reserves the right to evict you from the apartment.


Pets are more than welcome at Kanteen25 (our resaurant), but not allowed in Rooms25.

Non-Smoking Rooms25

including all apartments and restaurants are non-smoking. When evidence of smoking (or a smell like smoke/weed) is found in your room or in the public areas, the management holds the right to take appropriate measures. The result is a €150 fine.


Rooms25 does not have its own parking facilities. You are able to park your car on the street (residential area) or in any public parking garage close by. Please note extra costs are involved and reservations are not possible.


The management cannot be held liable for lost or theft of your belongings in the hotel, apartments or restaurants.

Lost & Found

All items found in the hotel, apartments or restaurants will be registered and stored for three months.

Damage to our Property

Any damage to rooms of the hotel or apartments premises caused by your party during the stay and items missing upon your departure will be charged to your credit card in file

Unforeseeable Circumstances

Rooms25 does not accept liability or pay any compensation for our failure to provide services contracted due to circumstances beyond our control: (natural) disaster, fire, (acts of) war and terrorism, pendamic, strikes, riots, civil disorder, governmental regulations, industrial disputes, adverse weather conditions or any other exceptional and catastrophic event, circumstances or emergency, making it impossible, illegal or preventing guests from staying in our hotel or apartments.


Throughout the building all guests can enjoy our complimentary WIFI services. Ask our colleagues for the password and/or login details. Our wireless network is provided without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. We do not warrant that access to our wireless network will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free at all times or will meet your requirements. Rooms25 is not responsible for the security, integrity, accuracy or completeness of any information that you transmit or receive while using our WIFI. You may not use our WIFI network for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited.


During your stay, Rooms25 collects your personal data. These data are processed in accordance with our Privacy Statement as well as GDPR applicable laws and regulations. Data collected by third booking parties using cookies etc. when browsing their website, is beyond our control. We will refer to the Privacy Statement of the agency you used to make your booking. For more information about your privacy within Rooms25, we refer you to our Privacy Statement on our website.

Photography and Video

Any photoshoots, audiovisual recording, reproduction or representation of images including the premises and buildings of the hotels, apartments or restaurants of the Kanteen25 or Rooms25, other than for strictly private use is subject to our prior approval. We are happy to help you to obtain permission and discuss the possibilities. Please contact the Kanteen25 Marketing & PR department: marketing@kanteen25.nl

Rooms25 Bike Rental

1. Theft & Loss
1.1. When you are able to return the key of the bike, you will be charged MHB-3171: €200 instead of MHB-3171: €550 for a lost or stolen bike, or when your bike is a total loss.
1.2. When you are NOT able to return the key of the bike, you will be charged MHB-3171: €550 for a lost or stolen bike, or when your bike is a total loss.

2. Repairs
2.1. You are always covered for all basic repairs. E.g. bell, brakes, chain, chain guard, gears, grips, lights, luggage straps, mudguard, pedals, saddle, screws, kickstand, steer, tires.
2.2. You are never covered for the following repairs:
2.2.1. Broken or missing key = MHB-3171: €19.
2.2.2. Broken or missing lock; or a broken key inside the lock = MHB-3171: €35.
2.2.3. Wheel or front fork needs to be replaced = MHB-3171: €95.

3. Repair on the road service
3.1. You are covered for all repairs on the road and/or a bike pick-up [only if your bike is not rideable anymore]. Forms of compensation: public transport ticket to return to the hotel, repair costs at a bike shop, repair costs of MyHotelBike mechanics.
3.2 If your bike needs to be picked up at another location than the hotel but is still rideable, you will be charged €75.

4. Wrong parking
4.1. If local authorities remove your bike due to wrong parking, you are never covered for the penalty, transportation costs and damages, and you will be charged MHB-3171: €75 per bike. Our advice: do not park your bike in the middle of the road or footpaths, near tram and train stations or outside the parking spaces at busy locations [such as famous public squares].

5. General rules
5.1. If you return your bike after the rental contract has expired, you will be charged the rent of any additional time / days in accordance to the rate(s) of the rental location / hotel.
5.2. You are obligated to return your bike to the rental location / hotel.
5.3. You may not lend or rent your bike to any other Third Parties.
5.4. You must use your bike with due care.
5.5. You are liable for all costs and consequences as a result of a breach of road traffic legislation or other legislation while using your bike.
5.6. A maximum of one person is allowed per bike. If a front wheel carrier and/or rear wheel carrier is available on a bike, it is not allowed to sit or stand on the carrier.
5.7. Always lock your bike and fasten it to an immovable object when leaving your bike unattended.
5.8. Always check your bike and report any repairs/damages before using the bike.

6. Payment security
6.1. When the payment is made by credit card you authorize MyHotelBike and the rental location / hotel to collect any payments referred to in these terms and conditions.

7. Privacy
7.1. When renting a bike from MyHotelBike, the personal data you shared on the rental form [your name] is saved in our database for a maximum of one year. Your personal data is used ONLY for the performance of our bike rental service and tax authorities. Your data stays with us [MyHotelBike and the rental location], we will not sell your data to Third Parties. After one year your personal data will be anonymized.

8. Disclaimers
8.1. Personal property [such as luggage] is never insured. You solely are responsible for all insurances.
8.2. Renting a bike is at your own risk. MyHotelBike and/or the rental location / hotel cannot be held liable for any medical costs, caused by injury during your bike rental.
8.3. The use of kid seats is always at own risk. Kid seats provided by MyHotelBike are only to be used by children of max. five (5) years old, with a max. weight of 20KG.
8.4. MyHotelBike cannot be in any way held liable for any loss and/or damages suffered by you during the use of your bike, also not when caused by Third Parties.
8.5. If the negligence of MyHotelBike is demonstrated by you, you can claim an amount that is equal to the maximum amount the business liability insurance of MyHotelBike will pay.

9. Applicable law / court
9.1. The agreements, rights and duties laid down in the rental contract and these terms and conditions are subject to Dutch law.
9.2. Any disputes arising from or related to the rental contract shall exclusively be tried by the competent Court of Amsterdam.