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All of our food is freshly prepared; including the pizza dough, bread and pastries! One of our key principles is minimizing waste, specifically in our kitchen by rescuing food and our approach to cooking. All of our ingredients are locally sourced unless otherwise stated.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

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We always have the drive to work with inspiring partners that share our vision. We learn and grow with every step we take, and we want to be transparent about your food. That’s why we proudly tell you the story of our suppliers.

Chef Centraal crate with food

Chef Centraal

Chef Centraal stands for getting the best as close as they can. With an unlimited passion, they surprise our chefs at Kanteen25 with sustainable and tasteful products.

MOMA milk


MOMA is passionate about putting sustainability into practice and making sure Amsterdam-made milk is consumed in Amsterdam too. Now also available at Kanteen25.

Food crates

Han de Kroon

Han de Kroon operates from a farm to plate principle. They buy in potatoes, greens, and fruit at food auctions and from horticulturists around the country. That’s how they can offer the freshest produce to Kanteen25 every single day.


Saru Soda

At Saru Soda, they take enjoyment seriously. Fair ingredients, a beautiful brew, and exciting flavors. That’s why they work with organic cane sugar, get the best quinces in the Amsterdam area, and personally stand in front of the boiler to make sure their syrups are seriously delicious.

Harvest of veggies in wood box top view


BD-Totaal stands for a healthier, green, and sustainable world. Since 1993, they have a certified organic product range. They’re always looking for the most sustainable way of life.


Korenmolen de Zandhaas

Korenmolen de Zandhaas grinds all kinds of grains—the authentic way. Their mill, dating back to 1779, grinds grain by sheer wind-force between millstones. This grinding method ensures high-quality products.

Buffalo mozzarella

Buffalo Farm Twente

At Buffalo Farm Twente, buffalos and single cows are raised and milked. They started in 2009 with 38 pregnant buffalos and now have a herd of buffalos, from calves of a few weeks of age to 15-year-old buffalos. In 2011 they started processing their first buffalo milk, and they decided to start making fresh organic buffalo mozzarella in 2012.

Instock market

Instock Market

Instock Market was founded in 2014 by Selma, Bart, and Freke, and they have been putting food waste on the menu in various ways ever since—with their restaurants, catering, product range, and cookbooks. Instock now consists of a large, enthusiastic team that shares a love of food and a dislike of waste.

Brouwerij Troost

Brouwerij Troost

At Brouwerij Troost, they make their beers, sodas, and liquors sustainably. They are focusing their efforts on having an exclusively organic product range and becoming energy self-sufficient. They want to brew beer that appeals to everyone at beautiful spots in the middle of Amsterdam: from beer freaks with trained taste buds to obstinate pilsner drinkers and everyone in-between.