Our story

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A culinary playground

Kanteen25 is a culinary playground where we celebrate young talent, diversity, social connection, and good food. Our kitchen is the home of Cooks25: a training program for refugees who share the ambition to develop their skills within the field of hospitality. We see food as the carrier of true connection: we cook, we eat, we share. We envision a future in the restaurant industry full of creativity, respect for people and resources.

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We’re on a mission to change the restaurant game for good. We do this by training refugees, and by serving exciting and culturally enriched food to our guests. With a no-waste mindset, we maximize the value of our ingredients and use everything we can to create beautiful dishes. We base all our decisions on three central pillars: be local, be sustainable, or make a social impact. We believe that we can make a positive impact together.

We are...

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We aim to approach things with a fresh mindset and use our creativity in and beyond the kitchen. We’re excited by what we do: the people we train, the food we cook—and we love sharing that feeling with you. The word exciting to us means being passionate, but in a more playful and creative way.

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We see food as the ultimate connector. Food allows us to share stories at the dinner table. We see food as a beautiful expression of the human desire to tell stories and connect with loved ones. We want to celebrate this connection.

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We’re breaking boundaries. We’re dreamers that envision a bright future without being tied to past beliefs. We don’t see refugees, we see culturally diverse talents with beautiful stories. We don’t see food waste, we see an opportunity to be more creative. We don’t pay attention to differences, we see everybody as equal. We’re here for a positive impact.

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We believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity for a better future. In collaboration with City of Amsterdam, we developed Cooks25: an in-house hospitality program turning refugees into talents in the commercial kitchen. After trainees complete the program, we place them in a company within the field of hospitality.